Tooth Extractions

Reserved for only extremely severe cases, tooth extractions are performed to prevent further deterioration and other harmful diseases. We perform the following dental extraction procedures:

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are located at the furthest point in the back of the mouth.

Erupting after the age of 18, they are the last adult teeth to grow. It's not uncommon for wisdom teeth to become impacted - meaning, they do not grow in properly. In the event that they do not grow in properly, wisdom teeth can cause a multitude of uncomfortable problems, including gum disease, infection, decay, and even tumors. We recommend that wisdom teeth be removed at the first sign of improper growth.


We may recommend a tooth extraction in the event that a tooth is severely infected. This is generally a last course of treatment, and is only recommended if it's believed that a restorative procedure will not adequately repair or restore the tooth.

Routine Extractions

In the event that an extraction is necessary, advances in modern dentistry ensure that the procedure is adequately comfortable and painless. Following the procedure, patients' are recommended pain medication and may experience some bleeding around the extraction site. We also recommend that patients steer away from the area while brushing their teeth.